lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Royal Communiqué Of Current Status

The reason us, Queens, haven’t been contacting nor the people or the press, it’s because we find our schedules completely occupied. However with different activities.

HRH, Emily Andrea Brimson is currently engaged in several projects involving environmental and educational issues. Your Highness has had a busy week assisting and presiding assemblies on both subjects. Her staff is expecting the best outcome and so should the people.

One of the local papers –Brimson Flash!- had the noble opportunity to presence one of these seminares and it’s sharing its experience. Here’s a photograph of the Queen with her fellow companion and ally, Miss Fukshow.

HRH, Holly Lee Edwards, is currently recovering from an unfortunate accident during her winter break vacation.

The royal paper –Hollyland’s Official News- informed the people of this incident briefly. We now are happily aware of the healthy status of Her Majesty and are enthusiastic to her return to state matters soon.

The newspaper received a photograph from paparazzies settled by Her Majesty’s vacation spot of choice. Here’s the Queen practising extreme snowboarding.

The people of Hollyland is happy she’s in good shape and is anxiously waiting for a Press Conference.

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009


Greetings fare people of our rocking lands!

It surely has been a long while, but now I -Holly Lee Edwards- am back in town and ready to rock it to the fullest!
Would like to share the advert photo of your dear queens, myself and Emily Andrea Brimson, making an appearance at one of the topest cultural events nearby Emmieland.
We'd like to thank to the organization team for their hard work in putting up such an amazing expo, and of course their intergalacticly awesome treat to us The Royals. We salute you!
We will post press conference vids eventually.

Stay tuned for more royal delirium!

viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Royal Communiqué

Royal Communiqué to the loyal inhabitants of Emmieland and Hollyland:

My dearest Emmiland's and Hollyland's people, HRH Emmie here, I’m here to announce that our Dear Queen Holly Lee is taking some vacations after working hard with me, in cooperation for the benefit of our treaty, as always.
Well...leaving the formalities aside...we actually don't have to work that hard...coz our nations are friendly with each other...and because we fucking rock ppl!! c'mon!! What were you
thinking!? ei!?
Sooo here I am to wish a good well-rested vacations to my bestest royal friend like evaaar!!! Have lots of fun and we, me, mine and your ppl, want lots of pics!!!
We are going to miss ya like hell!!! But we'll be in touch...royal mail and txts of course!!
I love you so so so so much RT!!


And now I’ll leave you with HRH Queen Holly Lee Edwards’ words to me once upon a time:

“Before, you could only converse with plain bourgeoises, and well, some noble people of your court –but to be fairly honest, they were just interested in your gifts and parties. Now that you found me, another queen, we can talk as equals, majesty to majesty, royal to royal. It’s different this way, a whole other level darling.”

viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

Royal Delirium mix 1

Hello fare people! Holly Lee checking in!

Thought I could share some 'showable' bits of vids Emmie and I made a few months ago, February of 2009 I think it was.

Anyhow, here's Holly Lee and Emmie being complete Royal Twats on a boring -drunken- night.


Rock on lovers!

martes, 7 de julio de 2009


OH MY FUCKING EDWARD! (Edward Cullen of Twilight if you aren't a fan already, you'll soon be, mwehehehe)
Holly here! This is so fucking awesome! I just found THE conversation on a piece of paper that Emmie and I had last year, which indicates 'where it all begun'. We were 'talking' about how awesome would be to be a Jedi 'cause you could read and control minds and see in the dark, so you wouldn't need some kind of beeping sensor attatched to your body...anyhow, apparently we were in the most boring class ever at Uni, and Emmie wrote -and I quote: "I've just arrived to the conclusion that we DON'T delude, we philosophize. If these people said as much bullshit as us and now we must study them, in a near future people could study us and it would be more entertaining for sure!"
And, you wanna hear something mega freaky? This was written on a Friday the 13th (spooky) AND the very second I started to type this, my iTUNES decided to randomly play The Imperial March, Star Wars soundtrack :)
How fucking intergalacticly awesome is that, huh?

sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

Star Wars Marathon extravaganza

'ello! This is Holly Lee checking in!

Today in Buenos Aires took place the Star Wars Exhibition and as I am out of town and the fucking swine flu is getting mega hardcore, I couldn't go. Neither could Emmie, 'cause she wasn't gonna go without her royal friend -me- and a sum of other reasons that are completely irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make.
Anyhow, it is my pleasure to announce that we both are big fans of the Star Wars saga...but hey! don't get us wrong, we're not like those geeky freaks that wear costumes to the movie premieres or such -however, I would've totally worn a Princess Leia costume to the Exhibition-
Anyhow, I will share with you some quotes of the night we did the Star Wars Marathon part I -first three eps- May of 2008

WARNING NOTE: please be aware of the fact that these conversations had indeed taken place in real life and we are as stupid and as weird as these quotes make us appear.

‘It'd be so awesome that Yoda was your teacher’, by Emmie

‘It'd be so good to do that thing with your hand like the Jedis, you'd pass all your exams’, by Emmie

‘If Jedis can read minds and Edward Cullen reads minds, then Edward is a jedi. But he's much more awesome, sooooo…Edward is Yoda!’, by Holly

All next, by Holly

Anakin Skywalker = Hayden Christenssen in Episode 2. Firt scene in the lift. Without previous notice that he was going to show up, in a flash and he was standing there! OH MY FUCKING EDWARD! He simply can't do that!

Episode 3. He sleeps shirtless but wearing jogging pants. I mean, Hello? Can't you understand that you simply cannot do that! Doesn't that beautiful head of yours get it? Or you sleep with full PJ'S or completely naked. You can't tease us that way! Has everyone gone seriously mad?

R2 being mega deluded with and ecstasy and cafeine overdose bumps against a wall. A Sith barely touches him and gets electroshocked, so the Sith shakes its hand in complaint yelling: auu!, and kicks R2 very 5 year old spoiled brat! (Emmie and I watched that bit like four times in a row. Talking about stupid obsessive freaks!)

Episode 1. The fat, deformed alien that shook his head and had huge lips and produced an intergalactic amount of saliva. SO GROSS!!! (now that i think about it, why the hell did we talk about that? we didn't actually relate it to anythin, we just talked about how gross and hilarious it was....gosh we're such massive morons!)

Me with my Star Wars tee!
Yes, I'm evil!

viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Where it all begun --by Emmie

Once upon a time, in a far far away galaxy...well, not actually a
galaxy, it was in 'the fury city' -for the ignorants, Buenos
Aires- my dearest royal friend
Holly Lee Edwards and me, Emily Andrea
Brimson, were at Theology class and said: if Aristotle or Socrates or any of those people said all that bullshit about the Universe, God, us people, animals, plants, rocks, ethics, moral and so on...we can do it too!!
So, people, after that moment of enlightening, we concluded that we DON'T
philosophize. Okey?
And we also want to inform that we're currently writing our 'Theories Book' -which will be called 'Intergalactical Theory of Delusion'- that future students of philosophy will be obliged to study.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Andrea Brimson