lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Royal Communiqué Of Current Status

The reason us, Queens, haven’t been contacting nor the people or the press, it’s because we find our schedules completely occupied. However with different activities.

HRH, Emily Andrea Brimson is currently engaged in several projects involving environmental and educational issues. Your Highness has had a busy week assisting and presiding assemblies on both subjects. Her staff is expecting the best outcome and so should the people.

One of the local papers –Brimson Flash!- had the noble opportunity to presence one of these seminares and it’s sharing its experience. Here’s a photograph of the Queen with her fellow companion and ally, Miss Fukshow.

HRH, Holly Lee Edwards, is currently recovering from an unfortunate accident during her winter break vacation.

The royal paper –Hollyland’s Official News- informed the people of this incident briefly. We now are happily aware of the healthy status of Her Majesty and are enthusiastic to her return to state matters soon.

The newspaper received a photograph from paparazzies settled by Her Majesty’s vacation spot of choice. Here’s the Queen practising extreme snowboarding.

The people of Hollyland is happy she’s in good shape and is anxiously waiting for a Press Conference.

4 comentarios:

  1. ejemmm ejemm
    esta heavy esto d pertenecer al entorno cercano a la realeza
    dejenme decirles q m estresa pensarlo nada mas
    vacaciones, entrar y salir del hilton como pancho x su casa (x el tiempo q una credencial nos lo permita... y pienso hacer referencia a la lady mayor, EDWARD BLESS LA CREDENCIAL!), andar en patas en la alfombra del hiltos (oh sii, EN PATAAAS, no me vengan con el glamour aca!), hacer deportes extremos
    ayyy ya me agote, regalenme un esclavo

  2. mira, ahora tengo todos los mulos super busy, pero en cuanto se desocupe alguno te mando, aunq sea por un rato, desp negociamos. el tema es q vos estas mas cercana a mi aliada Emily Andrea, sooo, you're gonna have to have a little chat with her first...maybe she'll hook you up with a hot and sweaty slave!!!

    HRH Holly Lee Edwards

  3. eer...yo no tengo drama...tengo que revisar bien que tengo disponible y te lo mando por royal fedex..especial delivery! te llega en una hora!
    pasame tus preferencias y se te hace realidad!
    u as a lady of my kingdom and friend of holl's kingdom podes tener befecios tambien!!

    HRH Emily Andrea Brimson

  4. esa es la actitud, dame unos minutos q t hago llegar una "planilla de excel" con los datos, palabra clave: mira lo q hago melena de leon...
    fijate como m lo solucionan, son las amas y sras de sus "landias" jaja ayuden a esta amiga